A Prayer, A Mom and A Little Red Wagon…

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Matthews MinistryMatthew’s Ministry began in August 2010 when a teacher submitted a prayer request to a local Moms In Touch group.  The prayer simply stated, “Please pray for a child in my class that does not have food at home to eat”.  Kristie Disbrow, a local mom, went back to the teacher and asked if her family could donate food to help this child.  She quickly learned that many children in the school did not have food at home.  Kristie emailed friends, told them about this need and set a collection bin on her porch.  Many donated food to this cause and teachers, social workers and guidance counselors distributed food to hungry children and their families.

More and more schools heard about this program and in December 2010, Matthew’s Ministry became a 501(3)(c) non- profit agency.  Kristie soon realized that she would need space to store her food and began to look for a storage area in Southport.  Southport Realty graciously donated space in January 2011 to store food.  A little red wagon was placed in the lobby and people could drop off donations of food that would then be distributed to hungry children in Brunswick County.

In August 2011, Matthew’s Ministry received 3000 pre-packaged meals.   Matthew’s Ministry contacted schools and backpack programs were implemented across the county.  Matthew’s Ministry also works with many social workers in Brunswick County who see a need for food when they visit homes with children.  These social workers can contact Mathew’s Ministry and food will be provided to the families.

Currently Matthew’s Ministry provides food to children at 13 different schools in Brunswick County and hopes to reach every school in the county by 2013.  Teachers will tell you that the food is changing lives.  There are less behavior problems, higher test scores and happier kids.  It doesn’t take a lot to make a BIG difference in the life of a child.

There are lots of ways you can support Matthew’s Ministry.

– We are always accepting food or monetary donations.

– You could also organize a food drive at your school, your church or your neighborhood.

– You could commit to making a donation of a specific food item to the ministry once a month.

– Most importantly, pray for Matthew’s Ministry and that the needs of these precious children will be met.

Donations of food or money can be dropped off at “ the little red wagon” at Southport Realty (next to Taylor’s) or checks may be sent to:

Matthew’s Ministry
5149 Fernwood Drive
Southport, NC 28461

Email Kristie

NEWS UPDATED: 11/20/2015